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Science and technology is the crystallization that a human ideal is intelligent, we pursue the market to bind with perfection of the modern science and technology all the time.

Enterprises are influential in scientific research, setting up the independent research and development organization of 'Shanghai Ningrui Biochemica-l technology Co., Ltd.' in Shanghai,' Fudan Yongning Institute of materia medica' in Fudan University,and 'Hangzhou AOMO research and development organization'in Hangzhou. Then we have provincial research and development centre in company, research and develop with domestic and international 20 over universities and colleges cooperation at the same time, have totally15 laboratory 1 pilot workshop, 1 analyze room.

There are more than 100 senior staffs of researching and developing a technology. They have already developed all kinds of more than 60 kinds new medicines, 6 among them have independent intellectual property rights. There is 2 brand certificates and 10 patents for invention of the national traditional Chinese medicine protected.

The 'Safflower yellow injection'of national class II new medicine is classified as the 863 plans of science and technology of country event, have already got permission to be listed first, has produced in batche. 'Danle capsule' for protecting the gallbladde, 'Dansuo slice' for relieving cough and phlegm obtain national traditional Chinese medicine protection brand.